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8 Ways to Transform Your Basement into a Space You’ll Love

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8 Basement Renovation Ideas to Transform Your Space

Basements can often have a bad reputation–these dark, cool places inside the home are often unfinished and commonly used as storage areas instead of places your family can gather and enjoy time together.

Whether you’re planning a massive basement renovation or a light finishing project, there are plenty of things you can add to your basement that will take it from boring to extraordinary. Here are a few things you can incorporate into your basement to use it to its full potential.

1. Utilize Natural Light

Because basements are so low to the ground (or below ground), they’re often dark and gloomy. If there’s room in the budget, plan to add as much natural light as you can during your basement renovation, like installing larger windows or light wells. Dark basements also benefit from using mirrors to increase room light whenever possible. Also, consider using light-colored flooring and walls to reflect the natural light.

2. Add Color

Another way to lighten up your basement is to incorporate bright colors. Your basement is the perfect opportunity to experiment with bold statement colors that you’ve always wanted to try. If used effectively, bright colors will make your basement feel brighter and create an optical illusion of more space and height. 

3. Make it Fun

Here’s your chance to think outside the box! Ask yourself, what fun elements can I add to my basement space? Many people choose to add a game or entertainment room where the family can relax. Need an area where the kids can play for hours on end? Install a playroom behind a secret door. If you’ve always wanted a theater room, the basement is an ideal location to install one. Put a cozy reading nook into your plans or even a music room where the family can have jam sessions. When it comes to making your basement a fun place, the sky is the limit.

4. Create Coziness

Transform your basement from a cold, dark area into a place where you’ll want to spend your time. After all, a basement can be a relaxing place, so why not make it cozy? Design a living room with comfortable furniture, plush pillows, and some throw blankets. A rug adds a warm feeling to the room and can protect feet from a cold basement floor. Lamps, potted plants, and candles are finishing touches that create a warm ambiance. 

5. Think of Functionality

Not only can a basement be a place of entertainment and relaxation, it can also be a place to add functionality that might be missing in other areas of your house. In fact, the most liveable basements often incorporate elements of many different types of spaces. For example, have you recently started working from home and need an office space? Or have you always wanted a gym space of your own? Brainstorm some functional elements you can add to your basement renovation that will improve the usability of the space.

6. Don’t Forget the Essentials

While you’re planning all the fun and functional components of your remodel, don’t forget to incorporate the essentials for a liveable basement. You’ll want to plan for at least one bathroom in the basement area. Adding a bathroom in the basement space not only adds convenience but also provides ease of access. Many homeowners also add kitchen elements, such as a wet bar, kitchenette, or even a full-size kitchen. Incorporating these kitchen elements makes your space more usable and convenient. It can also drastically increase the value of your property.

7. Add a Dose of Personality

When you incorporate elements of your personality into your basement, you’re likely to spend more time down there. How can you accomplish this? There are many different ways.

First, you can incorporate some of your favorite hobbies into the space. If you like wine tasting, add a wine cellar. If you’re an artist, plan an area where you can create. Adding personality can also be as small as hanging up some of your favorite movie posters, picking out funky wallpaper, or displaying treasured family items. 

8. Remember to Add Storage

Basements are an ideal place to store many different things. The key is to make sure the storage place is well-planned and organized. Cold storage rooms with well-built and organized shelving are great places to store food and other essentials. Instead of storing holiday or personal items in a garage, create a well-organized room where you can arrange totes. Don’t forget to add other storage elements, such as closets, cabinets, or other built-ins.

Create Your Dream Basement Space with Aspire Construction

If you plan to renovate your basement but aren’t sure where to begin, call the basement finishing experts at Aspire Construction. Our professionals will guide you through the entire process, ensuring we incorporate every element you’d like. With over 40 years of combined construction experience, we’re the team you can count on to create the basement of your dreams. Contact us today to begin your project.

finished basement with kitchen

Completed Basement Finishing Projects

By Basements

Creating a family-friendly place in an unfinished basement is a common goal for many homeowners who have put it off for years. If you’re interested in taking a step toward finishing the extra space in your basement, you may have some questions about what to expect. Here’s a little more about the process of completing a basement and what you can expect from Aspire Construction, the leading Utah basement finishing experts.

What is the process of finishing a basement in Utah?


Before any actual work can begin on the basement, you’ll have to complete some prep work. First, you’ll need to remove all items and clutter from the basement. Not only will this help the process of getting started, but you’ll be able to see your space again, giving you ideas on how to use it best. Next, a designer must draft plans for the area.

Once you’ve put together a detailed design for the basement, you’ll need to obtain permits from the city. Getting permits ensures that your work will be done up to code, saving you from possible headaches later. Aspire Construction can assist with drafting plans and applying for permits during this stage of the process.

We also suggest completing moisture, radon, mold, and mildew tests. If any of these are an issue, it’s easier and cheaper to address them before construction in the basement begins.

Framing and Insulation

After completing the prep work, it’s time for framing and insulation. Following your basement plans, the framers will put up walls — being mindful to frame around any current ducts, pipes, or valves.

Contractors will also install insulation at this stage. Depending on your climate, various insulation types, such as sprayed foam, foam board, and fiberglass, will most likely be used. Insulation in your basement protects heat transfer between the home’s exterior walls and helps with soundproofing.

Install Utilities

The next step is utility installation. Electricians will install all the electric wires, and plumbers will complete the beginning stages of all piping. HVAC contractors install air ductwork for heating and cooling systems, which will run inside the walls.

Choose a Basement Ceiling Type

There are several options for finishing a ceiling in the basement, such as a drop ceiling or drywall. Discuss your options with your contractor to determine the best ceiling type for your home improvement project.

Drop ceilings sit below the main structural ceiling and are an excellent option for covering pipes. They give the homeowner easy access to utilities within the ceiling in case there is a need for repairs. A dry-walled ceiling can give you a clean, painted surface and it’s easily repairable.

Install Drywall

Next, drywall installers will begin hanging drywall in your basement. They’ll hang large sheets of drywall on the studs in the basement, attaching them with screws. The mudding and taping start once all the surface areas are covered in drywall. Mudding and taping reinforce the joints of the drywall and cover up screws, allowing for a smooth surface ready for paint.

Paint and Add Finishing Touches

Once you’ve made it this far, it’s time for the finishing touches. This is where your basement will begin to come to life! Trim and doors will be installed, and everything will be painted. Cabinets in the basement will be installed, along with finishing plumbing fixtures such as toilets and sinks. Flooring, such as tiling, plank flooring, or carpet is installed. Electricians will arrive to complete the installation of light fixtures, recess lighting, and any other finishing touches are completed.

Next comes the best part: enjoying your new basement!

A Few Recently-Completed Basement Finishing Projects from Aspire Construction

What can you expect when you finish a basement in Utah with Aspire Construction? Here are just a few of the recent projects that we have completed for our clients.

Game room and kitchenette in basement remodel

This client wanted a game room area where they could shoot some pool, kick back to watch some TV, and enjoy time together. We completed the necessary elements for the basement, such as electrical work, insulation, drywall, paint, and carpet. A small kitchenette was installed per the client’s wishes, completing the basement space.

finished basement with kitchen

Additional living areas with a kitchenette, living room, and exercise rooms are some of our most popular requests as basement contractors. As you can see in this photo, we installed wooden flooring, a modern fireplace, and a functional kitchenette that the client will enjoy for many years to come.

comfortable basement entertainment area with kitchenette attached   basement finishing with built-ins

Many clients enjoy having media built-ins to help organize and display items in their basements. We added a fireplace, media built-ins, and a kitchenette area in this basement. See the tiny blue door in the corner? It’s a dedicated play area for children. This client maximized every square foot in their basement for maximum functionality.

Have a Basement Remodel on Your Mind? Contact Aspire Construction

If you’ve always wanted to turn your unfinished basement into an area you can enjoy, trust the basement finishing experts at Aspire Construction. We approach every project with honesty and integrity, ensuring you’re completely satisfied with your new basement.

Whether you need to finish the basement or are interested in basement remodeling, our basement contractors turn your unused space into something beautiful and functional. To learn more about what we can do for you, contact Aspire Construction today.