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Utah Kitchen Remodel and Renovation

Come Home to Your Dream Kitchen

Renovate your kitchen so it can survive all the memories, messes, and traditions you’ll make. From Taco Tuesdays to homework at the kitchen counter, once you’ve stepped inside your new kitchen remodel by Aspire Construction, you’ll know you’re home.

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Kitchen Remodel with White & Dark Mix Cabinets - Aspire Utah Kitchen Remodeling Services
Kitchen Remodel with Sliding Wood & Glass Door - Aspire Utah Kitchen Remodeling Services
Kitchen Remodeling

Let Your Kitchen Remodel Be the Center of Your Home

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Working with you, we’ll create just that. Using our efficient kitchen renovation system your kitchen will be designed so that all your guests will feel welcome whenever they’re inside.

That system includes a focus on three main things: a functioning kitchen layout, utilizes all resources and space efficiently, and a welcoming appearance. Not only will your Aspire kitchen give you the space to get the job done but a place you won’t want to leave afterwards.

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Kitchen Remodeling

Standout Kitchen Remodels in Utah

At Aspire Construction, we believe that the success of a project is largely determined by the collaboration between our team and you. Contributing our professional expertise and years of experience as a fully licensed crew, we’ll complete your project on time and within cost.

From the start, we’ll aim to build your trust with honest and fair project bids. We also guarantee there will be no hidden fees or low-balling when you work with us. We’ll work with you the entire process to ensure that your dream kitchen comes to life.

We Perform Kitchen Renovations and Remodels in:

Kitchen Remodeling


What Does a Typical Kitchen Remodel Cost?

Kitchen remodels are one of the most valuable changes you can make in your home. It is also one of the more expensive renovations you can make. Knowing the real cost of remodeling your kitchen requires getting a bid from a home contractor. The cost will depend on several factors, including square footage, features, plumbing costs, appliances, and more.

You can also tell your kitchen remodeling contractor your budget and work with them, determining what work you can get done in that price range. When you work with a contractor one-on-one, they will best explain what is possible at each cost. A professional will also understand the competing factors in your location, which play a part in the price.

However, there are a few estimates out there to can help you better determine the cost of your kitchen remodel. For example, a 12×16-foot kitchen could cost anywhere between $50,000 to $75,000. These remodels usually involve a mid-range renovation with semi-custom cabinets, new appliances, granite surfaces, hardwood flooring, and minor structural work.

If you don’t have that big of a budget, don’t worry. You can also find ways of cutting costs and applying lower-end features when you work with a home contractor.

Is It Worth It to Remodel a Kitchen?

The kitchen might be the first place to look if you want to increase your home’s value. While kitchen remodels cost more than other renovations, they have a better return on value than most. Kitchen remodels will boost the value of your home, but homebuyers will pay more for high-end finishes and expensive upgrades in the kitchen.

Recent surveys also indicate that kitchen remodels are well worth their cost. For example, 80% of homebuyers place the kitchen in the top three most important spaces. 69% will pay more for new appliances, and 55% will pay more for granite countertops.

Even if you don’t plan on selling your home soon, remodeling your kitchen can breathe new life into your home. Imagine updating your kitchen to improve the layout. Won’t this change make you want to spend time cooking and enjoy the space with your family? Even if you don’t recoup costs, a kitchen model can still be a good investment for your family. By giving your kitchen the right updates, you will improve your day-to-day life in these positive ways and more.

What is the First Thing to Do When Remodeling a Kitchen?

The first thing to do when starting a kitchen remodel is finding the right contractor for your project. The home contractor you decide to work with will determine whether you have an enjoyable experience or one that you regret. A reliable kitchen remodel contractor will help you choose the design of the space, features, and more that will fit your budget. However, you shouldn’t base your decision on cost alone.

You must find a contractor that you trust. Your contractor will spend a lot of time in your home, handling one of the biggest investments you can make. One of the best ways of knowing if the contractor is reliable is through references and online reviews.

Read reviews posted online and ask for references from each contractor you vet. These reviews will help you better determine if your prospective contractor is trustworthy, skilled, and, ultimately, the right professional for your kitchen remodel.

How Can I Remodel My Kitchen for Cheap?

There are a variety of ways you can save money when you remodel a kitchen. As you work with your home contractor, you can ask for a few areas where you can lend a hand. You should start with a plan that your contractor understands, as well. Together, you can find ways of cutting costs, whether it is your choice of materials, helping paint, or installing cheaper appliances.

Here are a few practical ways you can save money during a kitchen remodel:

· Painting Cabinetry

One way homeowners can make their kitchen remodel less expensive is painting or refinishing their cabinetry. By nixing the costs of an entirely new set of cabinets, you can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. It will also save you money by handling the side project yourself, or you can have your contractor complete the cabinetry. Whatever choice you make, painting or re-staining your cabinets will save you a pretty penny.

· Cheaper Backsplash

A backsplash can cost you more money than you want to spend. There are cheaper options available that can look just as good as costlier ones. Make sure you explore all your options. You can also lend a hand (and cut costs) by installing the backsplash on your own.

· Keeping Your Appliances

Instead of swapping out all your appliances for newer models, decide which ones can stay and which need to go. Using your existing appliances instead of buying all new ones is an excellent way of saving money on a kitchen remodel.

· Laminate Flooring

Flooring is another big expense you will need to navigate during a kitchen remodel. There are cheaper options than installing new hardwood floors. You can resurface and stain your current hardwood to make it look as good as new. If you don’t have hardwood, there are newer laminate tile options that look just as good as hardwood. Work with your contractor to find the choice that offers the most while staying within your budget.

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