The Benefits of Mother in Law Apartments

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Homeowners are continually looking for ways that they can make their home work for them. From custom home details to minimizing their monthly mortgage payments, there are a variety of ways you can benefit from including money-saving features in your home. One of the biggest trends attracting buyers and homeowners alike is the mother-in-law suite.

So, what is a mother-in-law suite? Let’s discuss.

The Basics of a Mother in Law Apartment

A mother-in-law suite can come in many forms. Basically, a mother-in-law suite is a scaled-back version of a regular home. A home addition that is either attached or detached to your home, these suites generally have a full kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom. From there, homeowners can decide which other features are included in their suite. Upscale versions may include amenities like laundry units, fireplaces, bar, etc.

Ideally, mother-in-law suites have their own entrance separate from the main entrance of the home. This separation gives the occupants the freedom and separation they desire without taking them completely off the property. However, some updated versions of the mother-in-law suite keep the apartment attached to the home in a separated area further away from all other rooms. Whichever variety you choose, as long as it has the basic necessities of a home, it can be considered a mother-in-law suite.

Now, that you understand what goes into a mother-in-law suite, let’s discuss why they are so popular in today’s market.


Benefits of Having a Mother in Law Suite

  1. Increase Your Home’s Value

Adding extra square footage will always result in higher monetary value no matter if you build an in-law suite or add an additional bathroom. However, since a mother-in-law apartment includes extra square footage, bedrooms, living space, a full kitchen, and a bathroom, you will get even more bang for your buck. When it is time for you to sell your home, your mother-in-law guest suite will most likely be one of your main selling points.


  1. Add Versatility to Your Home

A mother-in-law suite may seem like it is purely built as a dedicated space but is more versatile than you think. You can use it for multigenerational living like the name suggests, or for something else. Some homeowners use their in-law suite as a rental property for college-aged students or newly-married couples. You can even use it as a guest suite. However, be careful when you asked guests to stay because they probably won’t ever want to leave.


  1. Extra Space for Future Needs

When you add a mother-in-law-suite to your current home or include it in future home plans, it adds extra convenience to your everyday life. You will no longer need to worry about what will happen when you need space in the future. Whether you expand your family, invite a family member to live with you, or need to add versatility to your income, a mother-in-law suite is a wonderful solution. Also, if you want to convert the space into a dedicated fitness area, craft space, or art studio, you can.


  1. Grows With You

As mentioned briefly before, a mother-in-law suite can grow with you. As your family grows in size or years, you will most likely need more space. Fortunately, with a mother-in-law apartment, you will have all the space you need. Simply, convert the area to your needs, and you can minimize any future costs or needs. At the end of the day, a mother-in-law suite makes life less stressful as you know you have all the space you need to grow.


  1. Earn Money Now

Nothing sounds better than extra monthly cash flow. Now, with a mother-in-law suite on your property, it is easier than ever to become a property manager. You will be nearby your tenants to make sure they are keeping the space well-kept but far enough to have your own space. Another perk of renting out your mother-in-law suite is that it is more attractive to many tenants because it is in a nicer community than other properties.


Mother in Law Apartments by Aspire Construction

If you are ready to start benefitting from your home’s updated layout with a mother-in-law suite, look no further than Aspire Construction. Our experienced home builders work with you designing a home that fits the look, feel, and needs of your family. Get in touch with our experts today to get started on your plans.

Basement Remodel: How to Use Your New Space

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Have you recently remodeled your basement or are you planning on a basement renovation? Your new space is the perfect area for lounging, living, storing, and more. But how do you get the most out of your basement? Here are a few tips for the perfect basement remodel.

basement finishing utah

Rethink Your Basement Layout

If you are finishing your basement the first thing to decide is the floor plan. Chances are you have a rough idea of what you want. However, don’t settle too quickly. Now is the time for determining what you want your basement to become. Do you need a bonus room for extra hangout space? Does your family require a fitness and gym area? Maybe, you want to add a basement apartment for any children that need a space of their own? Whatever needs you may have, make sure that the new layout matches them.

Working with our experts, you can determine a layout that maximizes your space without compromising any of your desires. No matter what you decide, you’ll probably want your design to combine necessary functionality with the look, feel, and degree of comfort you want.


Pick Your Style

Now that you decided your layout, it’s time to pick out a design. For many of our clients, this is their favorite part. Browse Pinterest. Visit hardware stores. Talk with our experts. Knowledge is key. But don’t fall into the trap of going with a trend just because it is the popular design of the day. Make sure that the style you use is one that you will like a year, five, ten down the road.

Also, another tip we give our clients is to pick a style that fits into the rest of your home. If you use an industrial style for your basement but have a farmhouse style upstairs visitors might be a little confused. Try and find something that matches but adds some new and exciting elements.

Remodeled Utah basement aspire construction.

Add in the Extras

Once you finish the basics, it’s time to think about everything else. Purchase a new television set. Find those table lamps. Grab that new couch you have been eyeing. Pulling everything together with all of the extras is what will bring your new basement remodel to life.


Basement Organization

When your basement remodel is officially finished, now is the time to get organized. If you want to make your renovation look like new years down the road, then you should make organization a top priority. Basements are often a dumping ground for items that don’t have a place upstairs. Don’t let your basement become a cluttered mess—get organized at the start.

But organization doesn’t need to be mundane. Make It fun by getting creative. Add in extra shelving. We love floating shelves and built-ins. You can also use accessories like woven baskets and ottomans for an added touch of style and storage.

Ask a Professional

Whether you are just beginning your basement remodel or are having a hard time organizing your recently finished basement, the easiest way to get it right is by working with a professional. Together you will make your basement everything you want it to be. To get started on finishing your basement contact the professionals at Aspire Construction. Our basement remodels will make your home feel like new again.

Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Home Remodeling Company

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Finding the right company to handle your home remodel is the first step in your newest venture. In most cities, there are typically a few contractors covering the same area. Having options is never a bad thing, but it can make it difficult for you to narrow it down to the best one. That’s why we put together a list of the most critical questions you should ask potential home contractors before you hire them.

Here are the top six:


  1. How long have you been in business?

In the business of home remodeling, experience matter! Contracting businesses that have been handling projects for many years have certainly obtained the techniques and years of training needed for your remodel. Companies with experience are also better equipped to manage their time correctly, budgets, and assure the highest quality.

Do your research ahead of time by asking the contracting company their experience in the field. If your instincts are telling you to go with them, you can ask for pictures of past projects, as well as, a list of references. Ultimately, contractors should be open about their experience so you can trust them with your project.

  1. Do you have a contracting license?

Another important aspect of home remodeling is proper licensing. Contractors require different licenses depending on the state or county they do business. Make sure that whichever company you hire has the appropriate training and permits needed for your project. Otherwise, you could risk your project stopping mid-remodel when the government steps in.

Because states and individual vary in licensing requirements, it’s best to call your local government before hiring a contracting company. If you live in Utah, please refer to the Utah State Legislature website for more information on the Utah Construction Trades Licensing Act.

  1. What kind of insurance do you have?

Although you have homeowner insurance, it’s important that you know that your remodeling contractor is insured as well. Contractors should prove that they have both workers’ compensation and liability insurance beforehand so that they are covered in the event of a mishap on the job site. When looking through their coverage pay attention to the details surrounding home remodels. Taking a look at these certificates will give you the confidence that they and you are covered no matter what happens.

  1. Do you hire subcontractors?

Many home remodeling companies rely on subcontractors to complete their renovation projects. For instance, a general contractor could hire an electrician to complete the wiring on your remodel. There’s nothing wrong with this, but you should make sure that all of their subcontractors meet your standards, as well. If they aren’t reliable, they could significantly decrease the efficiency of your project. Before hiring your contractor, ask to meet with all sub-contractors so that you can do your due diligence before signing on the dotted line.

  1. What do your past customers say about you?

Word-of-mouth goes a long way. Before meeting with each potential home remodeling company, scan their online reviews. Customer reviews are a great way to get a sense of how the company operates. However, don’t solely rely on these reviews because many reviews come from disgruntled customers looking to vent their frustrations. Take those reviews into consideration but also ask the company for a list of references during your initial meeting. These references along with the business’s online reviews will give you a complete look at what your project will entail like you hired that contractor.

  1. How long will the project take?

Timelines are an essential part of any remodeling project. It is not hard to find a friend who has hired a remodeling company only to have their plan take twice as long as expected. No matter your timetable, make sure that you and your contractor communicate expectations and time estimates clearly.

At the end of the day, your remodeling contractor should meet all of your expectations. Work with them to communicate what you need and ask them for honesty in their answers. Use these questions as a jumping off point, and you are likely to have an open dialogue that ensures you get the best contractor available.

For more information about our home remodeling services, contact the Aspire Construction team. We are here to answer all of these questions and more.

The Ultimate Guide to Your Kitchen Renovation

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The kitchen is often considered the hub of the home, as most members find multiple reasons to go there throughout the day. Everything from breakfast in the morning, lunchtime, homework, dinner, and late-night snacks bring the family to the kitchen. Families bond, friends enjoy game nights, and so much more. But sometimes these precious spaces need a bit of renovation.

kitchen remodel in utah

Kitchen renovations can be a daunting task for many people, especially when they cost more than initially intended. Fortunately, the Aspire Construction renovation experts created this guide to help you plan your perfect kitchen. We’ll help you determine what kind of budget you should expect, and what kind of renovations to expect at different budgets. Ready? Here we go!

  1. When is the best time to renovate your kitchen?

The most common time for kitchen renovation is during the summer since most people cook outdoors more, and the holiday season demands more out of the kitchen. This makes summer an ideal time for your kitchen upgrade and update.

When planning your kitchen renovation, you want to be sure to develop a thorough plan. If working with a contractor like those at Aspire, we’ll help discuss your ideal time frame and sign a contract that clearly outlines what’s expected of each party.

If you plan on doing your kitchen yourself, be sure to motivate yourself to keep to your plan. Sometimes while remodeling your kitchen, you’ll hit setbacks which is normal. Adjust your schedule and keep visualizing how great your kitchen will be when you’re done to stay motivated.

  1. How much does a kitchen renovation cost?

Renovating your kitchen is an investment. Not only does it become a comfort that you, family, friends, and guests can enjoy, but it also increases the value of your home. With that being said, let’s look at the average cost.

Typically, kitchen renovations cost anywhere from $5,000 to $90,000. Our experts suggest that if you are planning on selling your home within five years of your renovation, you should keep your renovations cost lower. If you plan on staying in your home for 7 or more years after your renovation, it’s worth the extra cost to get higher-end upgrades.

When budgeting for a kitchen remodels, it’s important to set aside a small stash of ‘emergency’ funds. These funds can help cover any unexpected costs that pop up. Being prepared always helps. We also recommend that you consider other expenses that may come up while your kitchen is undergoing renovations; storage, hotel, moving, eating, etc. These costs are often forgotten when planning a renovation but are just as important.

Overall, your kitchen renovations should cost approximately 6-10% of your home’s total value.

  1. Where do I start with my kitchen renovation?

Once you get your budget established, the designing can begin! This is definitely the more exciting part, but it can also be the most challenging. So, where do you start? Let us break it down.

First, start with the layout. There are five basic layouts for your kitchen:

  • One Wall
  • Galley
  • L-Shape
  • Horseshoe
  • Island

When planning your kitchen, you want to consider the space you have and what is going to fit your lifestyle best. You should also consider what kind of style you want for your kitchen. The two most common styles breakdown to Traditional or Contemporary.

If you are planning on selling your home soon, you should also consider what style best fits your neighborhood and the latest trendy styles, as well.

From there, it’s time to make a list of priorities. These include the kitchen items that need to be done and are the most pressing. Usually, countertops, appliances, flooring, lighting, and cabinets are the most common things to consider.

Are you updating your kitchen or upgrading? This will also affect the kinds of things you are looking for when planning your kitchen upgrade. We recommend when creating your priorities/dream kitchen, you plan a backup plan, as well.

Once you gather all this information, put it in writing. This makes it easier to stick to later on. Whether it’s a check-list or a spreadsheet or a design binder or any other variation, having your plan and budget in writing will help keep you on-track and on-budget.

Are you looking for additional help with your kitchen renovation? If you are upgrading or just updating, Aspire Construction is here to help you bring your kitchen to life!


Waterproofing Your Basement

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No matter where you live, waterproofing your basement may be among the most important things you can do for your home. However, in Utah waterproofing is not a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’. Living in a state that’s known for its snow, the extreme weather the Utah environment presents is something every homeowner has to take into account. In fact, wet basements affect many Utah homeowners.


Finding the Problem


Stemming from a number of culprits, wet basements can be the first sign that you need to update the waterproofing on your home. Unfortunately, according to the American Society of Home Inspections, more than half of American homes have this problem. While wet basements are the first signs your home is in need of repair there are a number of reasons your home could flood, including:

  • The concrete walls are cracked
  • Poor yard drainage that has increased the stress on your home’s sewage system and overwhelmed the foundation
  • Your septic system is blocked
  • Poorly designed or damage gutter system that has led to poor drainage


Preventing Flooding in Your Basement


Since there are a many senarios that could cause damage or flooding, waterproofing your basement requires a number of things. From the concrete walls to the drainage in your yard, here a number of things needed to keep your basement clear of water damage.


  1. Diagnosing All Sources of Water: Find every problem area that could cause water damage to your basement including pipes, cracks in your concrete, window/door opening, and more.
  2. Get Rid of Excessive Humidity: Eliminate any source of humid air by adding vents, fans, and sealing off any pipe leaks. You can also consider adding a dehumidifier to your basement.
  3. Insulate Pipes: Cover cold water pipes with foam pipe insulation to prevent any excess humidity or condensation.
  4. Insulate Walls Properly: Poor insulation can lead to excessive condensation build up that can cause all sorts of water damage. However, if water is leaking from the outside this is not the solution-it’ll only create a mold infestation.
  5. Proper Landscaping Keeps Water Out: Having the right type of landscaping surrounding your house can be a huge help in keeping water damage away from your basement. This includes proper lawn edging, gravel placement, mulch, grass, and soil.
  6. Extend Downspouts: If your basement leaks when it rains, this could be your solution. Consider adding extended downspouts to your home to channel excess water away from your home and basement.
  7. Seal Foundation Cracks: Holes and cracks in your foundation can allow water to creep into your basement. Plug the holes up with the proper cement filling to keep water out.
  8. Waterproof the Walls: Properly seal your basement with the right waterproofing sealant. These sealants prevent water from leaking into your basement by sealing the foundation. If properly done, this can truly help in the waterproofing process.
  9. Install a Proper Drainage System: The most long-term fix, proper drainage systems keep your basement clear of water for years to come. However, it’s important that the drainage system is properly done and requires the help of a professional.


Ready to Waterproof Your Basement?


The home experts at Aspire Construction understand how to properly build a basement that keeps water out of the home and in your grass. Working with Aspire Construction we’ll be able to find the source of your water woes and efficiently attack the problem without breaking the bank. Contact us to get started on your waterproofing project.


House Built by Aspire Construction

6 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

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The housing market is on the up and up. Don’t let the time pass you by without taking the time to capitalize on your home’s value with small upgrades that’ll give you big-time results. Whether you’re selling now or in the future, here are the top ways you can add value to your home.

Upgrade Your Kitchen

The kitchen is still the key ingredient buyers look for when buying a home. The fact remains so much so that many first-time buyers admit that looking the kitchen helps them ultimately determine which house to buy. But unlike the kitchen remodels of the past, you don’t need a total re-do to get a big return. Adding a new countertop or changing the backsplash can have a serious impact on your wallet. In fact, according to a Time Magazine report a minor kitchen remodel has a 79.3% ROI (Return on Investment). That means that adding stainless steel appliances or high-end countertops can add as much as 3 to 7 percent in your sale price.

Build a Better Bathroom

If kitchens are the first thing to draw in buyers, then bathrooms are a close second. From switching your sink to upgrading your flooring with a stand-out tile pattern, these little improvements go along with to potential buyers. According to that same Time Magazine report, a mid-range $16,724 remodel can have as much as a 70% ROI. This compares to the upscale remodel that cost $113,097 and only gave you 59% ROI. So, forget the hefty bill and stick to the mid-range upgrades that give you the most bang for your buck.

Finish Your Basement

Taking the time to finish your basement is the most common way to add square footage to your home and equally boost your home’s value. According to estimates from HomeAdvisor, most homeowners spend between $10,000 to $27,000 on a basement and the return is huge. The basement finishing experts, Aspire Construction, understand the importance of finishing a home’s basement. Their basement conversions transform unused space into a fun and functional living areas that add value to any home. They found through years of experience finishing basements in Utah, that quality work, creative spaces, and fair pricing give their clients the best return on their investments.

Don’t Forget the Outside

Ever heard the expression, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression?” Well, that couldn’t be truer when it comes to selling your home. Every potential home buyer is looking for that “wow” factor. Don’t leave them wanting more when they first see your home. Luckily, adding curb appeal isn’t as tricky as you might think. It can be as easy as adding light fixtures around your door, painting the outside of your home for a fresher look, or sprucing up your front yard landscaping. Whatever it is, don’t let the outside of your home keep potential buyers from seeing what’s on the inside.


Increasing your living space with a home addition can be a very rewarding challenge. Homeowners looking to increase their home’s value should consider adding additional space in creative ways. Aspire Construction has years of experience building home additions throughout the state of Utah. Beam for beam they match your addition to fit seamlessly into your home. This gives potential buyers more square footage without even noticing the addition wasn’t there in the first place. Whether you’re looking for a larger main room living area, mother-in-law apartment, or anything in between, home additions could be the key you need to increase value to your home.

Open Up

Strategically increasing the amount of living space in your home is sure to increase your home’s value. According to Consumer Reports, an “open floor plan with flexible living space” was millennials’ second most desired feature when looking for a new home. This means that when you’re looking to boost your home’s appeal to potential buyers, you need to open up. Add square footage and appeal by knocking down the walls that separate your main living space. Increase usable square footage by adding double-duty rooms that serve a variety of purposes. These small tweaks to your floor plan will have big returns on your investment.

Ready to increase your home’s value? Contact the home experts at Aspire Construction today to learn more about their home services today.

kitchen remodel in utah

How to Build Your Dream Kitchen

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When it comes to your home, the kitchen is the main piece. From family dinners to baking treats for the neighbors, love is spelled “K-I-T-C-H-E-N.” But when your kitchen is cramped and outdated, it can be full of a lot less love than it should be.

In fact, at Aspire Construction, we know that each kitchen needs the same amount of love put into it as the love that’ll be coming out of it. So, here are our 5 top rules for building your dream kitchen.

  1. Space to Create

Every kitchen needs a good amount of space to work in. Nothing can put a damper on a kitchen quite like being too crowded. That’s why it’s important that the layout and design of your kitchen are efficient. Working with an experienced general contractor, we’ll maximize your space without over-crowding it. For example, if you want an island for extra counter space there are multiple options. These include different sizes, built-in sinks, or roll-away islands that can be stashed when you need more floor room. No matter the size, make sure that your kitchen is designed to give you the space you’ll need.

  1. Lasting Looks

Let’s be upfront, everyone wants their kitchen to make an impression. Just as you want your home to give the right curb appeal, you want your kitchen to give your guests a look they’ll remember. But what’s more important is that your kitchen’s design works for the long-term. Don’t get too caught up in trendy pieces that’ll only last a few years. Your kitchen will be around for the long-haul, so make sure that you limit your trendy pieces to accessories that are easily switched out. Then, stick to the classics for the big design pieces.

  1. Storage, Storage, Storage

Just as you need space to create, you need places to store everything a master kitchen owner needs. From a walk-in pantry for dry-food items to cabinets that can house a collection of kitchen items, your dream kitchen should always include plenty of storage space. Make sure that when working with your general contractor they help you design a layout that keeps a healthy amount of storage in mind.

  1. Personality

What makes building your dream kitchen so fun is adding your personal touch to every inch of the room. While it’s important to ask the experts, don’t get too caught up in your general contractor’s taste or the design opinions of others. Make sure you stay true to who you are when it comes to the design of your kitchen. Ultimately, it’s your space, so make sure that your personality shines through it.

  1. Functionality

With everything you do, keep functionality in mind. Don’t let your space get overcrowded with unnecessary fluff but keep the everyday function at the forefront of your design. Since the kitchen is a space of action, you’ll be constantly creating, baking, making, eating, and more. That’s why you’ll need to design a kitchen that fits your lifestyle and the function of the room.


For help with your kitchen build/ re-design, contact the general contractors at Aspire Construction today.

Finished Business Basement

Top 5 Reasons to Finish Your Basement

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Many homeowners spend years in a home with an unfinished basement. For reasons such as cost and time, these homes remain empty and mundane rather than cozy spaces that capitalizes on the original floor plan. Whether you’re looking for extra space to entertain or need more room for guests, unfinished basements are a blank slate of possibility. Here are our five reasons to finish your basement.

  1. Increase Value

While the upfront cost of finishing a basement scares off homeowners, it’s important to look a little further. A finished basement significantly increases the value of your home. The renovation can often include increasing the livable square footage of your home. This automatically increases the resale value. Also, depending on the renovation and design, finished basements that include kitchenettes, bathrooms, bedrooms, and more, further increase the value of your home.

  1. Expand Your Space

Another benefit of finishing your basement is the amount of space you’ll gain in your home. A basement not only adds functionality but it’s extra living space for your family. From home theater rooms to exercise rooms, these spaces can transform your current home into the home you’ve dreamt of for years. The extra square footage you gain from finishing your basement is invaluable space where you can create.

  1. Entertain

When homeowners consider finishing their basement, one of their top priorities is creating a space in their home dedicated to entertainment. Whether your teenagers desire a space for them to bring friends or you want to throw birthday parties in your own home, your finished basement is the perfect place. Forget about taking everything you own to the park for a party, your home is the best place to entertain your friends and family (and everything you need will be right where you need it).

  1. Extra Storage

Another benefit of finishing your basement is the extra storage you’ll gain. While an unfinished basement is often home to an eclectic storage space full of unorganized boxes, a finished basement provides a dedicated storage space. Depending on your needs and wants, attractive and functional shelving can be installed. Imagine an extra laundry room or a workshop, your basement is exactly what you need.

  1. More Availability

More than ever, home contractors have the availability to take on your unfinished basement project. The team at Aspire Construction has mastered the art basement finishing. With years of experience finishing basements, our team has established a reputation for quality workmanship and timely efficiency. Our creative ideas, quality work, fair pricing, and fast work makes us stand above the rest. Most importantly, our open lines of communication will provide you the assurance you need when undertaking a large project like a basement remodel.

Contact Aspire Construction to get a bid on your basement renovation today.

Utah Contractor using drill

Tips for Working with a Home Contractor

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Time after time we hear of clients, friends, and family who’ve been taken advantage of by other contractors. They’ll tell us how they hired a general contractor to remodel their home or finish their basement and it took everything in them to get the project finished. From apathetic contractors that don’t care about your project to overworked contractors who have too much on their plate, it’s hard to plan for bad contractors when they start off so well.

Here are five tips for working with a contractor to keep them on track and not lose focus on your home project.

  1. Establish Good Communication from the Start

The key to any working relationship is communication. From the very beginning make sure that you set that expectation. Whether you’d want to be regularly updated on their work or ask for everything to be cleared through you before any decisions are made, the relationship should be on your terms. If you want them to communicate with you, it’s important you make that clear from the start.

  1. Get it in Writing

This point could not be stated enough. Protect yourself-get everything in writing. No matter how trustworthy a contractor seems, you must get what they say in writing. An honest contractor will offer to put things in writing and not ask that you take their word for it. Make sure to get everything in writing.

  1. Set Expectations

Don’t let your contractor get away with things-especially if it happens often. Yes, things happen, but that shouldn’t be the norm. If you set your expectations high, then they will work hard to meet those expectations. If you set them low, then be assured that you’ll get lackluster work that meets those low expectations.

  1. Regularly Check their Work

This should be assumed, but make sure that you continually check their work. Not only is this important for keeping your project on time and within your budget, but in making sure the project results are what you’re expecting. Don’t be afraid to be annoying. Your contractor should welcome your check-ups and is, more than likely, expecting them.

  1. Only Pay for Completed Work

This is another big one-only pay for work that has been completed. We’ve heard of too many horror stories where work was paid for and never completed or took extra-long to be completed. Don’t get taken advantage of-tell your contractor up front that you’ll only pay for the work that’s done.

Find an Honest Contractor with Aspire Construction

Our team of home-building and remodeling experts works hard to go above and beyond your expectations. We believe that honesty lies within openness, we keep our communication lines open throughout the entire project and work hard to complete your project on time and within the budget. Your home is as important to you as it is to us.

Contact Aspire Construction to get started on your contracting project.

Building a Utah Home

Read this Before You Renovate (why go with a small contracting business rather than a big one)

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Taking on a renovation project can seem overwhelming. From the project size to finding the right construction team to use, there is one tip that the experts at Aspire Construction believe makes all the difference: hire a small contracting business.

While smaller contractors and big construction teams offer different advantages, small contracting businesses offer exactly what you need to make your renovation leave a lasting impression. Let’s discuss the top five reasons to use a small contracting business.

  1.     Attention

If there is one thing that small construction teams offer that’s the most beneficial to you, it’s their ability to give you the attention you deserve. Renovation projects are typically less monetarily advantageous for big construction teams that are used to large-scale projects. However, renovations are smaller contracting business’s bread and butter.

With 40 years of combined experience taking on renovation projects, large-scale construction, and more, Aspire Construction has the skills and practices needed for renovations. We give you the attention that you deserve because we don’t take on too many projects at once. You should have a team that keeps your best interest at heart and wears their heart on their sleeve. At Aspire Construction, we do just that.

  1.     Ran on Financial Stability

Small contractors enjoy the most financial stability of any construction company. Since our business is run with time-tested organization charts, processes, and systems, we are able to accomplish tasks on time and on budget. We only take on projects that economically feasible and that’ll give you the most bang for your buck. We won’t be worried about our bottom line but giving you the renovation project that you deserve.

  1.     Freedom to Create

Another major benefit that small contracting firms enjoy is the freedom to create. Rather than using the same construction model that offers the most financial advantage for big business, small contracting teams focus on capitalizing creation on each individual project.

The climate around construction is highly competitive, especially in Utah. From skimping on the details to hammering out multiple projects at once, most construction companies are trying to compete with the rest. However, the team at Aspire believes that the way we stand out from the competition is creating beautiful projects. That’s why we allow creativity and imagination on each of our projects.

  1.     Know Their Business

Don’t get lost in the construction shuffle, small contractors know their business and give 100% on every job site. Rather than sticking with the same-old cookie-cutter design, small contracting businesses give you their expertise, creativity, and attention. Large construction companies service multiple projects at once. But small business doesn’t want to and don’t need to do this. They focus on developing excellence on individual projects and give you the “best of the best.”

  1.     Efficiency Unlike the Rest

Large construction companies typically use a set of standardized services and procedures to serve their bottom line. While this works for them and the market they serve, it’s often very rigid and too pricey. Working with a different set of rules, small companies are looking to improve their business every day and provide top-of-the-line efficiency.

Small contracting business isn’t paralyzed by standardized systems, they are nimble while maintaining efficient and quality services for your renovation projects. Aspire Construction uses this efficiency model on every project because it works for us, but, more importantly, works for our clients.

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