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The Ultimate Kitchen Renovation Checklist

By Kitchens

The heart of every home is the kitchen. It’s the place where meals are prepared, where homework is done, where morning talks happen, and where friends and family inevitably gather during every event and holiday. That’s why your kitchen should be comfortable and functional, spacious, and show off your personality.

A kitchen renovation can be overwhelming, but with the right planning and preparation, and professional work from Aspire Construction, remodeling the kitchen in your home can be an exciting experience that leaves you with a dazzling new space. Read on for the ultimate kitchen renovation checklist that will help you stay on track and sane during the remodeling process, ensuring your kitchen renovation is a huge success.

First Things First. 

Unless you have experience with home construction and renovation, leave your kitchen renovation project to the professionals. Hire the team at Aspire Construction to help with your kitchen renovation, they are licensed, and experienced-having completed several kitchen renovations in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas.

Determine your Budget. 

Depending on your kitchen remodeling dreams, the cost of a kitchen remodel can vary greatly. Knowing how much you have to spend on the project before you start is important. A budget also helps you to stay focused on what is most important to you with regard to the remodel. You will need to consider the cost of materials as well as labor, finishes, and necessary permits, you should also pad your costs for unexpected or unforeseen expenses.

Design your Kitchen. 

Every great kitchen needs to have a well-functioning layout, it should utilize space efficiently, and of course, it should have a warm and inviting feel. Designing your kitchen includes deciding on a layout and floorplan of the space, the style of cabinets, countertops, and appliances. Not to mention colors, finishes, and hardware. You may consider hiring a professional interior designer to help with kitchen remodel ideas and keep track of all the design aspects related to your project.

Choose Appliances. 

One of the most eye-catching features of your kitchen is the appliances. Are looking for high-end, chef-rated, or energy-efficient options? There is a wide variety of appliances in a range of colors and finishes available for homeowners, you will also want to consider the size and where it will be placed in your new kitchen.

Choose Cabinets and Countertops. 

Cabinets and countertops are a crucial aspect of your kitchen, they are the first thing everyone will notice and should show off your home style and your personal taste. You will want to consider the materials, durability, and aesthetics. Do you want wood or laminate cabinets? Do you prefer marble or quartz countertops? There are many options to consider, this is where having a budget can help with the decision-making process.

Choose Kitchen Floors. 

It’s a good idea to think about kitchen flooring that can withstand traffic, spills, and wear and tear. Think durable and easy to clean. Popular choices for kitchen flooring include natural hardwood, laminate flooring, or tile. There are plenty of options that will fit within your price range and style.

Plan Lighting and Electrical. 

Proper lighting and planning for electrical is a big part of a kitchen renovation. Adding lighting or moving lighting is common during a renovation so that the kitchen is well-lit, so it’s important that you plan for more power outlets to accommodate for the changes and additional electrical needs.

Obtaining Permits. 

Before any kitchen renovations can begin your contractor will need to submit a request for a building permit from the city or local government agency.  Work can only begin once the permit has been obtained and posted at the job site.

Prep the Kitchen Area. 

Prepping your space for renovation includes moving out all the old appliances, furniture, and kitchenware, as well as covering surfaces to protect them from dust and debris. You may consider sectioning off the kitchen with plastic in an effort to keep dust and dirt from making its way into the rest of the house.

Let Renovations Begin. 

Now that your budget is in place and all the prep work and planning have been taken care of, it’s time to start your remodel. The Aspire Construction team will walk you through every step of the renovation process and communicate with you from start to finish.

A kitchen remodel can be overwhelming if you aren’t prepared for the task. By following the planning and preparations in this checklist, you will know how to renovate a kitchen like a pro, leaving you with the kitchen of your dreams. 

Kitchen Remodel with Center-Island and Unique Bulb Lighting

Don’t Make These 10 Mistakes When Renovating Your Kitchen

By Kitchens, Residential

Undergoing a kitchen renovation is an investment that will last many years. It can even increase the value of your home. Many homeowners dream of the day when they can completely redo their kitchen. If you’re planning on renovating your kitchen, the most important thing you can do is begin the planning process before doing anything else. Planning will ensure that you’re completely prepared before you start the project. It’ll also help you avoid frequent mistakes that can cause serious headaches later. Here are some common kitchen remodel mistakes and what you can do to prevent them.

Plan Ahead and Avoid These 10 Kitchen Renovation Mishaps

  • Failing to add the “triangle”

In kitchens, the “triangle” refers to the 3-point connection between the stove, sink, and refrigerator. These three major appliances are the most used in the kitchen, so you’ll want to design your kitchen, so these three main areas are no more than a few feet away from each other. Incorporating the “triangle” helps to ensure that your kitchen has a functional layout.

  • Designing aisles that are too narrow

Many things need to fit in a kitchen, including people and appliances. Not planning enough space for the aisles can make it difficult for multiple cooks to be in the kitchen simultaneously. When designing your new space, ensure that all spaces between walls, islands, and appliances are between 42-48 inches wide. 

  • Not planning for enough clearance

Kitchens are full of appliances, and they’ve got to fit in different spaces throughout the room. For example, you’ll likely have appliances such as coffee makers, air fryers, or stand mixers on your countertops. Make sure you allow enough height between the counter and the bottom of the upper cabinets to fit any appliances you may want to leave on the counter. Most people allow for 18-20 inches for this space.

  • DIY cabinet painting

Painting kitchen cabinets is an expensive process, so many people try to DIY this step. Keep in consideration that a kitchen renovation is an opportunity to rethink the layout of the kitchen. For example, is it beneficial to change the layout of your kitchen? Do you want to upgrade the doors on your cabinets? If you’re fine with the current design and style of cabinets, consider hiring professionals to help you paint to ensure it’s done correctly.

  • Not planning for enough storage

It’s easy to overlook planning for kitchen storage spaces while you’re in the middle of picking cabinet designs and countertops. Add creative storage areas to keep items tidy and organized when planning your space. Adding under-counter storage on your island or a small cabinet can give you a place to stash things that might not otherwise have a home. 

  • Relying too much on trends

Many of us want a kitchen that looks trendy and modern, but many experts caution against being too trendy with kitchen design. In many cases, trends come and go quickly. Large elements in the kitchen, such as countertops and cabinets, should be more of a timeless style, while light fixtures, backsplashes, and cabinet hardware can be the trendy element in the kitchen.

  • Removing counter space

If you’re completely renovating your kitchen with a new design, ensure you add enough countertop space. You’ll want at least the same countertop space you had before and more, if possible. Extending the countertop is possible using corbels or shelving supports which gives you more working area.

  •  Underutilizing your square footage


Have you ever opened the door to an appliance only to have it bump into something else? This annoying mistake can easily be remedied when you plan for enough space for the items in your kitchen. Take into account the direction and size of any doors in the kitchen, including those on cabinets and appliances, so they have enough clearance. Then plan the space accordingly.

  • Underestimating the cost of renovation

Failing to have an accurate budget for the renovation is a common mistake. Before starting your renovation, take the time to research the common cost of flooring, cabinets, accessories, lighting, cabinets, and appliances. Doing the research will give you a better idea of how much you should include in the budget. Then, give yourself a little wiggle room for extras. It’s common to recommend about a 15 to 20 percent contingency. 

  • Not consulting a professional

While it’s common to think you can DIY a kitchen remodel, consider consulting a professional before beginning the project. Hiring a professional to design your kitchen plans, fine-tune any details, or even complete the renovation will save you time. They’ll also have expert advice and offer ideas you may not have already considered.

Skip the Headaches by Hiring the Pros

Anyone who has undergone a kitchen remodel understands all the time and work that goes into the process. When you hire a professional, you’ll not only speed up the process of the remodel, but you’ll make the most of your renovation. You’ll be able to focus on other aspects of your life instead of putting a lot of time and energy into the remodel. In addition, you’ll have the assurance that the work has been done correctly, avoiding further potential headaches in the future. 

We’re Salt Lake City’s #1 Kitchen Remodeling Company

At Aspire, we know that the kitchen is the heart of your home. Let us create an efficient and beautiful kitchen that you’ll be proud of and excited to use for years. We focus on creating a functional kitchen layout, utilizing space efficiently, and creating a stunning appearance that will welcome your friends and family. To get started on your kitchen remodel in Utah, contact Aspire Construction today.

Kitchen Remodel with Sliding Wood & Glass Door - Aspire Utah Kitchen Remodeling Services

How to Choose Timeless Finishes for Your Kitchen Renovation

By Kitchens

Tackling a kitchen renovation is an exciting task, but it can be quite an undertaking for a few reasons. One of the biggest challenges is all the decisions that need to be made. For example, what kind of kitchen cabinets do you want? Do you want to change the layout in the kitchen or keep it the same? Would you prefer something more modern or something more traditional? There is a seemingly endless list of things to consider when planning a new kitchen.

One of the wisest choices when undertaking a kitchen remodel in Utah is to future-proof your kitchen. In other words, no one wants to make their kitchen look like a time capsule after a few years. Leaning heavily into what’s trendy now will guarantee your kitchen looks dated in just a few short years. However, incorporating timeless finishes will help your kitchen look beautiful and classic for years to come. At Aspire, we are experts in kitchen renovation in Salt Lake City and beyond. Here are some of our suggestions about how to create a truly timeless look for your new kitchen renovation.

Go Timeless with Your Kitchen Renovation for Greater ROI

Did you know that the average homeowner undergoes a kitchen renovation every 10 to 15 years? Upgrading your kitchen allows you to make the space more functional and inviting while increasing aesthetics. A kitchen remodel is one of the smartest investments to make for the return on investment, with the average ROI being around 80%.

While there are many decorating styles and trends to choose from, deciding to incorporate a timeless kitchen design will ensure that your kitchen will outlast any fads and be beautiful for you and potential homebuyers when it comes time to sell. After renovating countless kitchens in Utah, we’ve seen that timeless finishes help you enjoy your kitchen for longer; it’s why we always recommend you choose colors, materials, and fixtures carefully! Read on for suggestions about how to incorporate timeless finishes into your kitchen remodel. 

Classic Selections for Your Utah Kitchen Remodel

It’s easy to get caught up in current trends. After all, they’re beautiful and unique. But if you’re planning a kitchen remodel in Utah, try focusing on design and fixtures that will look great long term.


Choosing high-quality countertops may cost more upfront, but they will stand the test of time in the kitchen. Natural stones such as Marble, travertine, granite, and soapstone countertops are all classic, timeless options. Quartz and natural wood butcher blocks can also look beautiful in the kitchen. While there are many colors and patterns for each type of countertop, avoid busy designs. Stick with neutral colors with minimal designs.


Kitchen cabinetry trends come and go, but luckily, there are plenty of kitchen cabinet styles and colors that stand the test of time. Choosing cabinets made of natural materials in neutral colors, such as white cabinets or natural wood cabinets, keep your kitchen looking classic and fresh. Shaker-style cabinets are one of the most timeless cabinet styles, which is why you’ll see them in many kitchens. They’re also versatile and fit into many kitchen designs. 

Fixtures and finishes

Light fixtures and finishes such as cabinet knobs are simple, easy ways to make a compelling statement in the kitchen. They’re also often the easiest to swap out. So while there are timeless fixture finishes, such as stainless steel, chrome, or brass, it’s safe to choose fixtures and finishes that are a little more trendy. They’ll still look great for years, and they’re easy to swap out if you want a quick refresh. 


There are plenty of beautiful appliances out there, but not all are timeless. Stainless steel appliances always look great and will look stunning for many years to come. Or, consider splurging on panel-ready appliances, which blend seamlessly with your cabinetry and obscure “trendy” appliances. 

Accessories and more

Here’s your chance to bring some fun personality to the kitchen. Art, textiles, and kitchen accessories help express your individuality while making your kitchen beautiful. Add some of your favorite photographs, and kitchen-themed vintage finds. Adding accessories that have value and personal meaning will always be timeless in a kitchen.

Contact Aspire Construction for the Highest Quality Salt Lake City Kitchen Remodeling

For your Salt Lake City kitchen remodel, trust Aspire Construction. Let us help you create a kitchen that will be a welcoming space for all of your family memories for years to come. Not only do we help you create a kitchen that utilizes space and resources efficiently, we’ll create a welcoming appearance that will make everyone feel at home. We are a general contractor who offers kitchen remodeling in Salt Lake City and many cities across Salt Lake County, Utah County, and Davis County. Contact us today to get started on your dream kitchen remodel in Utah.


Finished Open Basement with Fireplace & Kitchen - Utah Home - Utah Basement Finishing Services

3 Things That Make Your Home Easier to Sell

By Basements, Kitchens, Residential

Are you thinking about selling your house and wondering if you need to make any upgrades before putting it on the market? This is a common question that many homeowners ask themselves. Is it worth the money and effort to renovate a home before listing it on the market? While the current market is a seller’s market, it’s worth the effort to do some upgrades here and there to help your house sell.

Statistics have repeatedly shown that even minor upgrades to a house can increase the speed and likelihood of selling faster. In fact, it’s estimated that 80% of buyers prefer to buy a move-in-ready home over one that requires renovations. One of the main reasons for this is that homeowners are busy, and not many will have the time to renovate a home after moving into it. When your house is renovated and updated, a buyer can visualize exactly how it will look when they move in, which only makes your home easier to sell.

Minor upgrades like painting and adding crown molding are simple ways to make your house easier to sell. But what about if you’ve got an unfinished basement or your kitchen is looking a little outdated? Consider these three things that are sure to make your home easier to sell.

3 Investments That Will Make Your Home Irresistible to Buyers

1. Finish Your Basement

Basement Finishing Services UtahBuying a home with an unfinished basement can be overwhelming for a buyer. If they choose to tackle the project after buying, they know it will be an additional cost. Having a recently refinished basement as part of buying a new house is a big bonus for buyers. It’s a wise renovation to tackle before selling, too. When you finish a basement, you’ll immediately increase the value of your home. Your buyers will enjoy having a recently renovated basement, and you’ll enjoy the extra income from the sale.

When you choose to finish a basement with a Utah remodeling contractor like Aspire Construction, you have complete control of the remodeling process. You can design a high-end, custom basement that any buyer would love. Some great custom options to add are built-in bunk beds and a built-in entertainment center. If you’re trying to be a little more budget-friendly, you can simply stick to the basics with new carpeting, drywall, and fresh paint. No matter your budget or plans, finishing your basement before you list can help your house sell quickly. Aspire Construction can tackle any basement finishing in Utah.

2. Remodel Your Kitchen

updated and remodeled kitchenKitchens are often the most significant selling point in a house. Choosing to focus on remodeling a kitchen can not only make your home sell easier; it can increase the selling price of your house. A clean, renovated kitchen can leave a positive, lasting impression on potential buyers. In addition, a kitchen remodel can give you one of the highest returns on investments. On average, homeowners recoup a little over 77% of the cost of the remodel when they sell the house.

Some sellers might want a total kitchen remodel, while others might want a simple change or two. You have the option of choosing what you invest in the renovation. Painting the cabinets and installing new countertops are two changes that can make a big difference. On the other hand, if you think a total renovation will work better for your situation, that is a possibility, too. When a buyer walks through your house and sees a modern kitchen, they’ll fall in love. 

3. Create a Spacious Primary Suite

As house trends come and go throughout the years, one trend constantly remains: having a spacious primary suite. A primary suite, also commonly known as a master suite, is a large bedroom with an en-suite bathroom. Not having a spacious primary bedroom, primary bathroom, and primary closet is a deal-breaker for many buyers. In most modern homes, this is a standard space in the house and has become an expectation of many buyers. Homeowners want a bedroom suite that serves as a sanctuary. While the desired features of the primary suite may differ per buyer, most want a roomy bedroom with a spa-like bathroom. One walk-in closet is the standard, but some owners may prefer separate walk-in closets. 

Renovating or updating the primary suite can go a long way toward making your home easier to sell. If your budget is small and a total renovation is not an option, consider adding a closet or refreshing the hardware in the bathroom. Renovating the primary bathroom to include double sinks and a separate tub and shower can significantly impact a buyer. They’ll feel like they’re buying a house with an updated primary suite that will really suit their needs. 

For Basement Finishing or Remodels in Utah, Contact Aspire Construction

Before you put your home up for sale, contact the professionals at Aspire Construction. We are the experts at remodeling and basement finishing in Salt Lake City, Lehi, and Utah County. With over 40 years of combined experience, we have the knowledge it takes to tackle home renovations. Some of our services include:

  • Basement finishing in Utah
  • Basement finishing in Salt Lake City and Utah County
  • Utah kitchen remodel
  • New construction 
  • Home remodels
  • Utah remodeling contractor
  • General contracting services 

We tackle every project with creativity and innovation. Whether your project is large or small, our number one commitment is you. We remain committed to open communication and competitive prices. When you need a Utah remodeling contractor, contact Aspire Construction.

Modern home kitchen, renovated by eco-friendly means.

5 Eco-Friendly Renovations to Make In Your Kitchen

By Basements, Kitchens, Residential

Kitchen remodels can accomplish much more than getting rid of your outdated cabinets.  They can also be a way to make your home greener, or more environmentally friendly in the long run. With sustainable kitchen remodels, you can feel good about decreasing your impact on the environment and even better about the lower monthly utility bills that will follow. In this article, we’re explaining five of our favorite eco-friendly kitchen renovation ideas in Utah and how you can work them into your upcoming kitchen remodel project.

How Greener Renovations Increase the ROI of Your Kitchen Remodel

The Home Depot reports that minor kitchen remodels (think painting cabinets, installing a new countertop, and giving your space a fresh coat of paint), come in at around $24,000 on average in the United States. Major remodels (including semi-custom cabinets, new appliances, and custom lighting), average at about $69,000. And for those upscale remodels (bringing in features like natural stone countertops, custom cabinets, and water filtration systems), $136,000 was the average cost for homeowners.


Even though these prices can seem steep, this money is often one of the smartest investments for your home. Remodeling Magazine found that minor kitchen remodels have some of the highest ROIs of all home renovations, with about 92.9 percent of costs being returned in the final sale price of the home. 


So, if you’re a number-cruncher — and are interested in finding even more ways to improve your remodel’s ROI — here’s an idea you may not have thought of. Eco-conscious kitchen renovations can bring even more value to your home, not only to resale but to your monthly living expenses. Environmentally-friendly home renovations have become more and more popular as green solutions are now widely accessible to the average homeowner. 

Let’s explore some of the most popular eco-friendly kitchen design upgrades in Utah.

5 Eco-Friendly Kitchen Ideas to Consider

1. Switch out old appliances for ENERGY STAR appliances.

Your home’s appliances, including your kitchen appliances like the refrigerator, dishwasher, and oven, are responsible for 20 percent of your home’s total electricity usage. To reduce that number, look for energy-efficient appliances labeled with the ENERGY STAR logo — a certification from the U.S. Department of Energy. 

An ENERGY STAR-certified appliance uses 10 to 50 percent less energy annually than a standard new appliance. When compared to older appliances (like a 20-year-old refrigerator that may be in your kitchen currently), the energy savings are even greater. When multiplied over 10 to 15 years, or the life of the appliance, energy-efficient appliances can drastically reduce your long-term power consumption.

Finger pushing energy efficient stove nob.

2. Choose sustainable materials for flooring, cabinets, and more.

Sustainable building materials are created, harvested, manufactured, and recycled in a way that benefits the environment rather than hurting it. Examples of sustainable kitchen materials could be reclaimed wood, bamboo, concrete, linoleum, and cork.

View some sustainable kitchens countertop materials to see just how advanced these solutions have become. With fashionable patterns and shades along with low maintenance upkeep, no one would even suspect these surfaces are completely eco-friendly. 

For flooring, finished concrete can offer an ultra-modern, high-end look, while bamboo gives a warm look and superior comfort underfoot to any kitchen space.

kitchen remodel built with sustainable materials

3. Slow the flow on your kitchen faucet.

Some estimates show that kitchen sink faucets let out up to 5 gallons of water every minute. To reduce water waste without losing water pressure, try a water aerator — sometimes called a low-flow faucet. An aerator is a tiny attachment that’s installed at the end (or just inside) of your faucet tap to save water by mixing the stream with air as it comes out. The result is the sensation of strong water pressure, with less water needing to be used. This type of faucet or faucet attachment can reduce your daily water use by 30 percent or more. In a dry, arid climate like much of Utah, these water-saving upgrades can be hugely beneficial for not just your home but your entire community, too.

kitchen faucet pouring water.

4. Use VOC-free paints, stains, and finishes.

VOC, or volatile organic compounds, are chemicals that evaporate at normal room temperature. Acetone, ethanol, or even formaldehyde are all known VOCs. That “new paint smell” we’re all familiar with is the most well-known evidence of these VOCs, but chemicals can continue to leak into the air days, months, or potentially even years after that smell is gone. Wood stain, protective finishes, and even fabrics also contain VOCs. 


The EPA reports that VOCs can cause negative health effects for some people; possibly causing headaches, breathing issues, or even cancer. If an eco-friendly home is important to you, eliminating VOCs is a great first step, as it can also improve the overall health of your home, too. When painting your kitchen cabinets, restaining your floors, or giving the walls a fresh coat of paint, look for products specifically labeled as “non” or “low” VOC. ECOS paint and Benjamin Moore Natura brand are a good place to start.

painting white cabinets with VOC-free paints

5. Reuse materials when possible.

One of the best ways to reduce waste is to find ways to work with what you already have. Reducing your need for new materials by reusing those you already have in your kitchen is about as eco-friendly as you can be. While you may desperately need new floors, maybe your appliances are still in good shape. Or, maybe you need new light fixtures, but your cabinets just need a fresh coat of paint. Finding ways to reuse benefits the environment and your wallet. An experienced contractor can help you determine what’s salvageable in your kitchen remodel project, by helping you imagine the new design and offering creative solutions to maintain what you have.

Start Your Sustainable Kitchen Renovations in Utah with Aspire

If you’ve been itching to remodel your kitchen, stop and consider some environmentally-friendly ways to improve your kitchen before you start demolition. A few select choices can give you the kitchen of your dreams while also giving you confidence your home is doing more to protect our environment. 

Sustainable Kitchen remodel being performed by Aspire Construction

For eco-friendly kitchen design remodels in Utah, choose Aspire Construction. Our Utah general contractors are the experienced team trusted by so many homeowners in the Salt Lake City area. Our extensive experience in kitchen remodels gives us the perspective that benefits you. No matter what your goals are in your remodel, we’re here to make it happen. Contact us today at (801) 316-8764.

newly remodeled kitchen in utah - modern kitchen contractor

What to Look for in a Utah Kitchen Remodel Company

By Basements, Kitchens, Residential

Finding the right contractor to handle your kitchen remodel in Utah takes time and effort. Whether you are in Salt Lake City, Provo, or somewhere else in the Wasatch Front, getting the right residential contractor will prove worthwhile as they spend time in your home. Unfortunately (and fortunately), there is a lot of kitchen remodel contractors available in Utah, which means there will be more than one qualified for your project.

Having a wide variety of options is never bad, but it will make it a little more challenging for you to narrow down your search for the perfect contractor for your kitchen remodel. Along with making a difficult choice, selecting the wrong contractor could leave you in a bind, regardless of whether it means lengthy timeframes or exceeded budgets. That is why you must take your time making the right choice.

Take a quick scan of contractors in your area, and you might get overwhelmed trying to sort the good from the bad. Luckily, our team of seasoned contractors at Aspire Construction has collected a list of everything you should look for in a Utah kitchen remodel company. Here is what you need to know.


Kitchen Remodel Contractor Checklist 


1. Consider Contracting Experience

Experience matters, especially when it comes to completing projects in your home. Residential contracting companies in Utah are a dime a dozen, but weeding out the good from the bad relies on experience.

Always check a contractor’s portfolio and credentials. Work with your prospective contractor, asking them about their experience. Specifically, ask them about their past kitchen remodels. Knowing that they have worked on similar kitchen remodels is very important. Even if they have experience performing other contract work, you should find a contracting company that is proficient in kitchen remodels.

Kitchen remodel companies who handle kitchen remodels will have the techniques and know-how necessary to complete any project, no matter what pops up along the way. Contractors with kitchen remodel experience are also better equipped to manage their time correctly, budgets, and assure the highest quality of work.

You need to do your research from the start if you are going to find the right expert for your kitchen remodel. Ask every contractor you vet how long they have been in business and their experience handling similar projects to yours, including size and type. Your kitchen remodel contractors should be open about their experience. If they don’t want to tell you about their past projects, you should be aware that they don’t have the expertise needed to perform exceptional work.


2. Check for a Contracting License

Always work with a residential contractor that has the proper licensing. Contractors in Utah require a state license and might need a county license depending on the specific area they serve. When vetting a particular contractor, ask them for proof of their license.

It would also help if you asked about their training and their experience acquiring all permits needed for kitchen remodels in Utah. Because states have different licensing requirements, it’s best to call your local government before hiring a contractor, learning what is needed.

Navigating these waters is challenging, so ensuring your contractor’s expertise beforehand will prove worthwhile in the long run. Not having the proper licensing or permits will put you at risk of getting caught by the government and halting any work mid-service.

3. Ask About Insurance

The chances are that you have homeowner’s insurance, but you should also make sure that whichever contractor you work with is insured. When hiring a contractor, ask for proof that they will have workers’ compensation and liability insurance in place throughout your project time frame.

As you look through their proof of insurance and coverage, pay attention to the details surrounding home projects. Understanding your contractor’s coverage, as well as your own, will give you the confidence that they and you are covered no matter what happens.

4. Read Reviews

Reviews are one of the best ways of knowing how a contractor works while handling a kitchen remodel. Before hiring a kitchen remodel company, scan online reviews posted on their website and other service websites.

Customer reviews provide valuable insights into how a company operates and treats its customers. Pay careful attention to those reviews regarding kitchen remodels, especially those in your area. These reviews will most likely mimic how the contractor will perform in your home.

It would be best if you also took extra care when reading bad reviews. Of course, everyone makes mistakes and has bad days. But one way a company can redeem themselves is by reacting to the review and trying to make the situation better. If the contracting company openly manages any bad review, you can trust that they will do the same if anything goes wrong during your kitchen remodel.

Along with reading reviews, also ask your prospective kitchen remodel contractor for a list of references. These references, along with online reviews, will give you a reasonable estimate of how your project will go if you hire that contractor.

5. Consider Price

Project costs will always play a factor in any decision. Of course, your budget matters, but you should never choose the cheapest option solely because they are the most affordable. Weigh your options by finding a kitchen remodel contractor that provides the highest quality at the best price.

You should also manage your money well throughout the project. Ask your contractor for a budget breakdown that lists the bidding price and an itemized receipt. Keeping things completely transparent will ensure trust between you and your contractor.

Our team also suggests that you only pay for completed work. Don’t get taken advantage of– tell your contractor that you’ll only pay for the work that’s done and they should respect your demands. Get all of these requests written down, and you will have the confidence needed to move forward on your project.


Utah Kitchen Remodels by Aspire Construction

Renovate your kitchen so it can survive all the memories, messes, and traditions you’ll make. From Taco Tuesdays to homework at the kitchen counter, once you’ve stepped inside your new kitchen remodel by Aspire Construction, you’ll know you’re home.

Trust our kitchen remodel contractors with your renovation. Contact us today to learn more about our services. You can also review our contracting services on our website, including the areas in Utah where our contractors perform kitchen remodels.

beautiful open concept kitchen and living room

4 Ways to Increase Your Home Value This Year

By Basements, Kitchens, Residential

Preparing to sell your home isn’t the only time to start thinking about your home’s value. If you, like 70% of American homeowners, believe that your home is your most lucrative investment, then it’s time that you make your belief a reality. The good news is that there are four renovations proven to make you the top dollars you need when selling your home.

Whether you are putting your home on the market in the next few months or you want to build equity, use these four tactics to raise the value of your home.

Finish Your Basement

residential kitchen and home remodeling

Unfinished basements are a gold mine for untapped potential. Basements can substantially increase the value of your property. By finishing this space, you can add a significant amount of usable living space that is proven to add dollar signs. In fact, on average, finishing a basement will give you a return of 70 to 75% of your investment.

Even if you aren’t considering selling any time soon, you can add a rental unit to your basement. This is an excellent option for homeowners looking to lighten the load of their mortgage or increase the cash flow of the property. Then, when it comes time to sell, the new homeowners have the same benefits moving forward.

Remodel Your Kitchen

kitchen remodeling with modern design

Tackling your kitchen offers the most significant return on investment. In fact, buyers often look at the kitchen first when determining whether your home is worth the asking price. Most homes on the market offer an upgraded kitchen, and if you have any chance of keeping up, it’s essential that you make yours one of them. However, you don’t always need a full-scale remodel to get a significant boost in equity. A minor kitchen can sometimes even boost your resale value more than a major one.

If you were to focus on certain aspects of your kitchen make sure that you modernize the cabinets and countertops, switch out your old appliances, update the flooring, along with the sink and faucet. These upgrades offer the biggest bang for your buck.

Update Your Look

basement finishing

Today, homebuyers are searching for homes that offer a modern, turn-key look. If your home’s look belongs in the last century, then it’s probably time you updated your design. The condition of your home’s interior tells buyers a lot about the price of your home. If you expect buyers to pay top dollar, then it’s important you give them the reasons to do it.

Update your home with new flooring or a fresh coat of paint. If you want to see an increased value, consider revising your floor plan. Most buyers want an open-concept floor plan. Work with a contractor to properly knock down a few walls and make your home the updated floor plan of buyers’ dreams.

Add Some Square Footage

home additions

The easiest way to see the price of your home increase is by adding square footage. Bigger homes typically have higher price tags, and that’s something buyer notice. If you add a decent-sized bedroom or an additional bathroom, you’ll bring in other buyers ready to pay the extra price. If you are not sure which addition is best, there are a few places to look.

Consider the costs of the addition versus the increased value of your home. Another aspect to look at is construction time. If you are on a time crunch, a bedroom or additional living space might be your best bet. If you have more time flexibility, consider adding a new bathroom. Bathrooms are a major draw for buyers and can often give you the increased value you desire.

If you are ready to make the best and most valuable improvements to your home, take a look at Aspire Construction’s services. Our home equity experts will work with you to find the most promising renovation for your pocketbook.

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The Ultimate Guide to Your Kitchen Renovation

By Kitchens, Residential

The kitchen is often considered the hub of the home, as most members find multiple reasons to go there throughout the day. Everything from breakfast in the morning, lunchtime, homework, dinner, and late-night snacks bring the family to the kitchen. Families bond, friends enjoy game nights, and so much more. But sometimes these precious spaces need a bit of renovation.

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Kitchen renovations can be a daunting task for many people, especially when they cost more than initially intended. Fortunately, the Aspire Construction renovation experts created this guide to help you plan your perfect kitchen. We’ll help you determine what kind of budget you should expect, and what kind of renovations to expect at different budgets. Ready? Here we go!

  1. When is the best time to renovate your kitchen?

The most common time for kitchen renovation is during the summer since most people cook outdoors more, and the holiday season demands more out of the kitchen. This makes summer an ideal time for your kitchen upgrade and update.

When planning your kitchen renovation, you want to be sure to develop a thorough plan. If working with a contractor like those at Aspire, we’ll help discuss your ideal time frame and sign a contract that clearly outlines what’s expected of each party.

If you plan on doing your kitchen yourself, be sure to motivate yourself to keep to your plan. Sometimes while remodeling your kitchen, you’ll hit setbacks which is normal. Adjust your schedule and keep visualizing how great your kitchen will be when you’re done to stay motivated.

  1. How much does a kitchen renovation cost?

Renovating your kitchen is an investment. Not only does it become a comfort that you, family, friends, and guests can enjoy, but it also increases the value of your home. With that being said, let’s look at the average cost.

Typically, kitchen renovations cost anywhere from $5,000 to $90,000. Our experts suggest that if you are planning on selling your home within five years of your renovation, you should keep your renovations cost lower. If you plan on staying in your home for 7 or more years after your renovation, it’s worth the extra cost to get higher-end upgrades.

When budgeting for a kitchen remodels, it’s important to set aside a small stash of ‘emergency’ funds. These funds can help cover any unexpected costs that pop up. Being prepared always helps. We also recommend that you consider other expenses that may come up while your kitchen is undergoing renovations; storage, hotel, moving, eating, etc. These costs are often forgotten when planning a renovation but are just as important.

Overall, your kitchen renovations should cost approximately 6-10% of your home’s total value.

  1. Where do I start with my kitchen renovation?

Once you get your budget established, the designing can begin! This is definitely the more exciting part, but it can also be the most challenging. So, where do you start? Let us break it down.

First, start with the layout. There are five basic layouts for your kitchen:

  • One Wall
  • Galley
  • L-Shape
  • Horseshoe
  • Island

When planning your kitchen, you want to consider the space you have and what is going to fit your lifestyle best. You should also consider what kind of style you want for your kitchen. The two most common styles breakdown to Traditional or Contemporary.

If you are planning on selling your home soon, you should also consider what style best fits your neighborhood and the latest trendy styles, as well.

From there, it’s time to make a list of priorities. These include the kitchen items that need to be done and are the most pressing. Usually, countertops, appliances, flooring, lighting, and cabinets are the most common things to consider.

Are you updating your kitchen or upgrading? This will also affect the kinds of things you are looking for when planning your kitchen upgrade. We recommend when creating your priorities/dream kitchen, you plan a backup plan, as well.

Once you gather all this information, put it in writing. This makes it easier to stick to later on. Whether it’s a check-list or a spreadsheet or a design binder or any other variation, having your plan and budget in writing will help keep you on-track and on-budget.

Are you looking for additional help with your kitchen renovation? If you are upgrading or just updating, Aspire Construction is here to help you bring your kitchen to life!


complete kitchen renovation in Utah

How to Build Your Dream Kitchen

By Kitchens, Residential

When it comes to your home, the kitchen is the main piece. From family dinners to baking treats for the neighbors, love is spelled “K-I-T-C-H-E-N.” But when your kitchen is cramped and outdated, it can be full of a lot less love than it should be.

In fact, at Aspire Construction, we know that each kitchen needs the same amount of love put into it as the love that’ll be coming out of it. So, here are our 5 top rules for building your dream kitchen.

  1. Space to Create

Every kitchen needs a good amount of space to work in. Nothing can put a damper on a kitchen quite like being too crowded. That’s why it’s important that the layout and design of your kitchen are efficient. Working with an experienced general contractor, we’ll maximize your space without over-crowding it. For example, if you want an island for extra counter space there are multiple options. These include different sizes, built-in sinks, or roll-away islands that can be stashed when you need more floor room. No matter the size, make sure that your kitchen is designed to give you the space you’ll need.

  1. Lasting Looks

Let’s be upfront, everyone wants their kitchen to make an impression. Just as you want your home to give the right curb appeal, you want your kitchen to give your guests a look they’ll remember. But what’s more important is that your kitchen’s design works for the long-term. Don’t get too caught up in trendy pieces that’ll only last a few years. Your kitchen will be around for the long-haul, so make sure that you limit your trendy pieces to accessories that are easily switched out. Then, stick to the classics for the big design pieces.

  1. Storage, Storage, Storage

Just as you need space to create, you need places to store everything a master kitchen owner needs. From a walk-in pantry for dry-food items to cabinets that can house a collection of kitchen items, your dream kitchen should always include plenty of storage space. Make sure that when working with your general contractor they help you design a layout that keeps a healthy amount of storage in mind.

  1. Personality

What makes building your dream kitchen so fun is adding your personal touch to every inch of the room. While it’s important to ask the experts, don’t get too caught up in your general contractor’s taste or the design opinions of others. Make sure you stay true to who you are when it comes to the design of your kitchen. Ultimately, it’s your space, so make sure that your personality shines through it.

  1. Functionality

With everything you do, keep functionality in mind. Don’t let your space get overcrowded with unnecessary fluff but keep the everyday function at the forefront of your design. Since the kitchen is a space of action, you’ll be constantly creating, baking, making, eating, and more. That’s why you’ll need to design a kitchen that fits your lifestyle and the function of the room.


For help with your kitchen build/ re-design, contact the general contractors at Aspire Construction today.