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Your basement is your sanctuary. From home theaters to playrooms, our team has mastered the art of basement finishing with years of experience working in Utah. Transform your unfinished basement into a fun and functional space quickly and efficiently with Aspire Construction.

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Basement Finishing

Finish Your Basement. Transform Your Life.

Whether you want to build a new, usable space or innovate an existing layout, Aspire Construction’s team of Utah basement contractors will design and create a space that meets your needs.

With our professional expertise and years of industry experience, we work with you to ensure your expectations are met. As you communicate your needs and vision, we will meet and surpass your expectations by completing the project on time and within budget.

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Basement Finishing

Quality Basement Renovations You Can Trust

Working with us you’ll have the experience needed for a quality basement finish. Just ask our past clients.

“We had an awesome experience with Aspire. Not only did they do top notch work, they were honest and up front with all their recommendations, stuck to the budget, and they met the exact timeline we discussed in the beginning. Having worked with other contractors in the past I didn’t even think it was possible to meet those expectations. I would highly recommend Aspire to anyone that is considering finishing their basement or any other construction needs.” –Ray Floyd via Google

Aspire provides basement finishing services throughout Utah, including:

Common Basement Finishing Additions

With our professional expertise and years of industry experience, we work with you to ensure your expectations are met. As you communicate your needs and vision, we will meet and surpass your expectations by completing the project on time and within budget.

  • Walk-out Basements
  • Apartments
  • Dens
  • Bathrooms
Basement Finishing


How Much Does It Cost to Finish a Basement?

On average, finishing a basement will cost between $32-$47 per square foot and total costs of $32,000 to $46,000+. Prices will mostly depend on the layout of your basement, rooms, features, materials, and construction labor. Another factor that plays a role in the cost of finishing a basement is whether you want a kitchen, have extra bathrooms or want an open-plan layout.

Some homeowners hope to cut costs by doing it themselves. While finishing a basement on your own may save you time, it is only worth it if you know what you are doing. Otherwise, you will run into challenges that will cost more money and time than working with a basement finishing professional.

Along with getting your basement finished quicker, working with a home contractor will give you the peace of mind that the project is done the right way. Unfortunately, many homeowners who finished their basements on their own complete the work only to have problems appear a few weeks later. Finish your basement by partnering up with a home contractor you can trust—contact Aspire Construction to learn more.

What Are the Steps to Finishing a Basement?

How to finish a basement takes a lot of time, effort, and skill. Finishing a basement typically involves ten phases. However, the order and needs change depending on each project. Here is a detailed list of the finishing basement phases.

1. Design: The first step of the process is creating a design and layout for your basement.

2. Framing: Once the space is ready, the builder will begin framing the basement, which includes creating the rough layout of the area. This includes framing doors, windows, closets, walls, and the details of the design. It is also extremely important when a framing a basement to make sure all the fire stops are properly installed. Most homeowners do not know about this or do it wrong which will result in additional costs later.

3. Electrical and HVAC: Electrical is the next step of the process that includes wiring the space for all electrical needs, including lighting, outlets, and other elements. Many of the newer basement finishes include additional electrical for an audio and visual system which may require a professional for these complicated electrical systems The builder will also set up an extension to your current HVAC system, as needed.

4. Plumbing: Once your contractor installs electrical, the plumbing work is next on the list. Most of the work will occur in the kitchen and any bathrooms included in the layout.

5. Insulation: Insulation is an important step in the basement finishing process. There are many options to choose from that will help keep your basement warm and your energy bill reasonable throughout cold Utah winters. It will also help insulate against noise and sound from the upstairs and from one room to the next.

6. Drywall: Once all of the electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and insulation work is done, your contractor will put in all the drywall. Drywall is dusty, heavy, and awkward. It is best to let a professional handle this work, so it is finished correctly.

7. Painting: After installing drywall, you, your contractor, or a sub-contractor can paint the space.

8. Trim and Doors: The trimming and doors can be installed before or after painting. Many contractors prefer doing it before the paintwork is done.

9. Flooring: The final step of the construction phase is installing flooring. Your flooring can include carpet, tile, lament, or hardwood. Flooring material is usually a significant portion of your budget, so we recommend leaving it to the professionals to install.

10. Interior Design: Once all the construction is finished, you can start installing your interior design plan.

How Long Does It Take to Finish a Basement?

A basement finishing contractor can typically complete the project in about 6 to 8 weeks. However, determining a timeline for finishing your basement depends on many factors, including your contractor, any sub-contractor work, ordering materials, permits, and more. You will also need to consider in any customizations you make impacting the length of time it takes to finish your basement.

Is It Worth Finishing a Basement?

A basement finish is one of the fastest ways to improve a family’s lifestyle. Not only does it give you more room to grow, but additional space to use as needed. Whether you plan on renting out your basement for extra income or want a downstairs for your grandkids, a finished basement provides all the flexibility you need.

Finishing your basement is also a good investment. Whether you are remodeling, renovating, or finishing your basement, a basement project will return 75 cents on the dollar, according to Remodeling magazine. You should also consider that basements aren’t evaluated the same as above-ground space, but still add significant value.

Do Basement Bedrooms Count on an Appraisal?

When it comes time to sell your home, it is crucial to know the exact value your finished basement will have on an appraisal. Underground-space doesn’t have the same value as the area included above-ground. Some appraisers will estimate the value of basements between 50-70% less than the above grade living area. However, adding bedrooms, bathrooms, and living spaces in your basements will add value no matter which you choose to include in your finished basement.

If you are trying to decide which finished basement layout is best for resale value, we recommend consulting with a contractor. Aspire Construction is here to help you determine which services would best suit your family’s needs. Whether you are looking for a basic basement finish or specialized features, we are here to help. Trust us to find a layout that includes everything you need. Contact us to learn more.

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