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Have you recently remodeled your basement or are you planning on a basement renovation? Your new space is the perfect area for lounging, living, storing, and more. But how do you get the most out of your basement? Here are a few tips for the perfect basement remodel.

basement finishing utah

Rethink Your Basement Layout

If you are finishing your basement the first thing to decide is the floor plan. Chances are you have a rough idea of what you want. However, don’t settle too quickly. Now is the time for determining what you want your basement to become. Do you need a bonus room for extra hangout space? Does your family require a fitness and gym area? Maybe, you want to add a basement apartment for any children that need a space of their own? Whatever needs you may have, make sure that the new layout matches them.

Working with our experts, you can determine a layout that maximizes your space without compromising any of your desires. No matter what you decide, you’ll probably want your design to combine necessary functionality with the look, feel, and degree of comfort you want.


Pick Your Style

Now that you decided your layout, it’s time to pick out a design. For many of our clients, this is their favorite part. Browse Pinterest. Visit hardware stores. Talk with our experts. Knowledge is key. But don’t fall into the trap of going with a trend just because it is the popular design of the day. Make sure that the style you use is one that you will like a year, five, ten down the road.

Also, another tip we give our clients is to pick a style that fits into the rest of your home. If you use an industrial style for your basement but have a farmhouse style upstairs visitors might be a little confused. Try and find something that matches but adds some new and exciting elements.

Remodeled Utah basement aspire construction.

Add in the Extras

Once you finish the basics, it’s time to think about everything else. Purchase a new television set. Find those table lamps. Grab that new couch you have been eyeing. Pulling everything together with all of the extras is what will bring your new basement remodel to life.


Basement Organization

When your basement remodel is officially finished, now is the time to get organized. If you want to make your renovation look like new years down the road, then you should make organization a top priority. Basements are often a dumping ground for items that don’t have a place upstairs. Don’t let your basement become a cluttered mess—get organized at the start.

But organization doesn’t need to be mundane. Make It fun by getting creative. Add in extra shelving. We love floating shelves and built-ins. You can also use accessories like woven baskets and ottomans for an added touch of style and storage.

basement living room with kitchenette

Ask a Professional

Whether you are just beginning your basement remodel or are having a hard time organizing your recently finished basement, the easiest way to get it right is by working with a professional. Together you will make your basement everything you want it to be. To get started on finishing your basement contact the professionals at Aspire Construction. Our basement remodels will make your home feel like new again.